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Welcome to Rupert's Story Shop

Rupert’s Story Shop is a gathering place for writers and readers who like to share the ancient craft of storytelling, whether it be through short stories, articles, plays, poems or other written words.

Each week, we feature a selection of short works for your reading pleasure. We invite you to sample them, and to comment on them – in a kindly, literary way, of course – in the section provided.

Rupert says helloThese pieces have been chosen by Rupert the Cat, who loves being read to and prefers short stories because they are, well, short, which appeals to his truncated feline attention span.

Should these samples whet your appetite, please feel free to delve farther into our offerings through our Archives library.

Our library may stimulate you to produce your own short story or article or play or poem. Please consider submitting your work for display in the Story Shop window. We guarantee that Rupert the Cat will read your work. If he likes it, and there is no telling what Rupert the Cat will like, he will ask us to post it.

There is a form on this site that will tell you how to submit your work, and what to expect after you the hit the send button on your keyboard.

So, read and enjoy. And, if you are so moved, write and submit.

For added pleasure, Rupert suggests you read these pieces aloud to your own Fluffy and Fido. They will delight in the attention you lavish, and the sound of your voice will be music to them.