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Boomer heard the noise and wheeled to face it. There was something in the darkness behind him. He could feel it. He probed the shadows with his eyes, but saw nothi… [more]
When I was younger, my husband ran away with the ugliest woman on earth. I’m not exaggerating. She had wispy blonde hair, goggly eyes and punky skin the colour … [more]
When her boss stopped speaking, Sandra became acutely aware of her weakness. She had always known it was there. It had never seemed to matter much before. But now, s… [more]
Sherri Taylor sat in the hallway outside the interview room and wondered how she was going to get out of this pickle. She was definitely stuck between a rock and a h… [more]
Other people's mental illnesses have a way of getting under your skin. At least, that's the way Molly felt about Geoff's bipolar alcoholism. It got under her skin to th… [more]
One night, when the full moon hung like a paper lantern in the cold air, Tom Bachelor sat at his kitchen window, working on a paper he would present to his superiors in… [more]
I arrive home late from work. Although it's late in the spring, already dusk is turning into night, and my apartment is dark and quiet, save for the muffled voices comi… [more]
"So what are we supposed to write about?" She looked across the tops of beer glasses at him with a pouting gunslinger face she was affecting this week. &qu… [more]
My mother laughs at my life and says I should write it up as a soap opera, like one of those 20-pound paperbacks they make into three-part mini-series for television. M… [more]
Darby Clay understood that his world was built on pretence. Even in his most deluded moments, he realized, and accepted, that his whole life was built on pretense. S… [more]
Lucy stood in the closet and twitched her nose. There was an odd smell. Had someone had entered the room at last? She held her breath and placed her ear against the … [more]

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